5 Ways to Conquer a Rough Day

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Yesterday was a rough day! My kids were asking for a snack every 5 minutes or complaining about having to get some school work done. There were 2 drinks full of sweet tea that were split all over the place (cleaner came the day before). Mommy monster had come out and started yelling and then yelling turned into crying. It was a rough day UNTIL…I reached out to other homeschool moms for encouragement. They were so uplifting and gave lots of helpful hints that would be useful in our everyday homeschool life. However, I felt like I needed to take a break! I still had my robe and pajamas on and hadn’t had a shower. So, I hopped in the shower and put on a cute outfit. I felt better already!! I no longer felt like a haggard mother who was drowning in her sorrow. Then I blow-dried my hair and applied some makeup. While I was doing this my kids decided to pick up the toys all over the house to make me happy….they are the sweetest sometimes! Then we all went outside where we all enjoyed a snack and the kids played while I brainstormed for blog ideas. After a while a mom had encouraged me to lean on the Lord and study scripture for encouragement. She was SO right! I hadn’t been diligent in my daily scripture reading and it was reflected in my daily life. When I opened up my Bible and continued to read God’s word my heart was comforted and a peace overcame me. What a wonderful way to turn around a stressful day by studying God’s word!

While I was brainstorming for blog ideas, I thought every mom would benefit from what I learned and how I took control of creating a more joyful day. I have come up with several tips that I believe would turn any day of stress and chaos into a day of joy and peace.


Start out by taking a shower or a bath

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Somedays I don’t get around to showering until that night. Life is too hectic and I really intended on working out but never get around to it so I wind up getting my shower after everyone is in bed. However, I think a there is something mentally refreshing about getting a shower or taking a bath. You are more equipp to conquer the day than you were before. At least that’s how I feel! Sometimes I throw a bath bomb in the bath or even a shower bomb to jazz it up a bit! Or maybe even enjoy a glass of wine and a good book during a hot bath….that’s my favorite! Anyways, whether you take a quick shower or a long hot bath you are still enjoying that mental washing off of old and feeling clean again.


Put on a cute outfit

Don’t throw on some sweats and a t-shirt. Put on some cute but comfortable pants and one of your favorite tops! Wear some cute shoes, for me I usually put on some booties or slip on sneakers. Dressing in an outfit even to stay at home will make you feel all the more beautiful and stronger!


Treat your self

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Fix yourself your favorite snack or drink! A go to treat for myself is a hot cup of coffee with some of the latte whipped topping and caramel sauce. MMMM GOOD!! You may enjoy a cup of tea, a warm chocolate chip cookie, or even a juicy apple. Whatever it may be, to quote Donna from Parks and Rec, Treat YO’ Self.


Go Outside

Getting some fresh air and good ole vitamin C from the warm sun is always good for the soul! Take the most current book your reading and lets the kids play while you read. Maybe write in a journal about the day you’ve had! I decided to work on blog ideas and then opened my Bible. Oh how comforting reading scripture can be!


Create an ambiance

Turn on your favorite music. If you’re going for a more relaxing environment then maybe don’t turn on the latest pop song! I am SO not up to date on my music…can you tell? Light some candles! I light my fall scented candles almost everyday! When my house smells good it automatically puts me in a better mood!


In all honesty, these five things worked for me yesterday and I really hope they may help you as well!



What are some things you may do to turn your stressful day around?